What We Do

MaineToday Digital is a digital marketing services and news provider. We are a one-stop shop for all of your digital marketing needs, connecting buyers and sellers in exciting new ways.

We’ve assembled a team of digital leaders (including marketing and technology experts, journalists and new media pioneers) who have created cutting-edge marketing solutions.

DGTL ConnectTM

MaineToday Digital currently offers local businesses the DGTL Connect suite of products (Local, Found, Push, Social and Stream).

Social News

We are also developing a modern, community-based social news portal, which will serve as the leading source for local, national and world news.


Barry Jackman. Director of Advertising Sales and Marketing
Digital Marketing
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Steve Garrard
Sr. Business Development Manager
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Devon Wilkins. Operations Management Consultant
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Peter Vachon
Interactive Art Director
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Heidi Mahoney
Office Manager
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