Impact sales by engaging customers in a deeper way.

Our DGTL Stream marketing solutions are designed to tell your brand’s story, build audience, and drive quality leads and sales to your website. Take your credibility to an exciting new level with our premiere Stream product: Custom Video.

The power of video is real

Video is a powerful marketing tool – and the fact is, people would rather watch a video than read. Take advantage of this effective marketing tool that impresses, informs and quickly connects you to your customers in a deeper way than traditional media ever could.

The creation and use of custom video in your marketing efforts will allow your business to stand out from the barrage of advertising messages shouted at consumers every day and increase your placement with the top search engines (Google, Facebook, Yahoo! & Bing).

Most important, the use of video in your marketing efforts will allow you to engage your customers in a way that will have a powerful impact on sales.

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Stand out from your competition and connect with customers through custom video production.

Did you know?

More than 3 billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube by the 18-54 years old demographic.

Convert your web traffic into customers

We’ll work with you to script and shoot a custom video. It will include professional editing and voiceover and will present your business in a creative and storytelling way.

In addition to placement on YouTube and other video-sharing social networks, you’ll have the ability to feature the video on your website and Facebook page, in your showroom/waiting room, and at tradeshows.

You’ll also be able to distribute your video via email and text messages.